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I am often approached to do a commission and asked what is involved with that. Generally speaking people have an idea or a theme they would like me to paint or create in some medium for them. Most of my commissions (aside from the public art commissions) have been paintings so far.

When I am approached I ask what size they were thinking of and what is their budget. Commissions are usually more work that a painting of my own and so my starting point is $500. for aprox. 12” x 14” size. If possible I like to have the clients ideas and hopes/expectations put to me as clearly as they can. This includes season, colours, motivation behind having the piece commissioned. and as many details like this as possible. I then do a rough pencil sketch to show them to give them an idea of the composition, before starting off with paint. Once I have the go-ahead, I tell them that now they have to let go of the outcome and let me have the freedom to run with it as I see it. Shipping is not included in the quote unless it is specifically asked for. Below are a few of the commissions I have done.

Fall-View-of-Mount-Lorne-and-Cowley-Lake Going-down-to-the-River Snow-laden-Spruce-in-full-Moon
“Going Down The River”
oil on canvas – 48″x60″
commissioned by
Darielle Talarico
“Fall View of Mount Lorne
and Cowley Lake ”
oil on canvas -16″x20″
Commissioned by
Amy Smith
” Snow Laden Spruce
Under Full Moon”
oil on canvas – 24″x30″
commissioned by Julianne Lyons
(Toronto, ON)