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Daphne Mennell is an inspiring Yukon artist capturing some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. I have always been a fan of that other Yukon artist, Ted Harrison, with his bright colours and happy northern scenes, but when I saw my first Daphne Mennell painting I fell in love with the movement, natural light and precise moment in time she portrays in her paintings. These are real scenes that she scopes out and spends endless hours capturing with her paint palette, bringing to life a wondrous northern land that is as magical as it is enlightening. Mennell is the Yukon, it is in her soul, it is in her paintings.

Rick Van Sickle – Niagara, Ontario


The art of Daphne Mennell: Daphne is an artist who finds her works in private to public collections which speaks to her artistic ability and talent.  While she is a mature artist she does not fear experimenting and stretching her boundaries which ensures that he works remain fresh and robust.

Edward Krahn – Whitehorse Yukon